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Exemplary Character, Extreme Intelligence, Excellent Health, and just all around Fun; Show quality dogs for Pet Quality People!

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Irish Water Spaniels

Good news, bad news:

They're smart! They are fun loving and affectionate. They are also pretty intent at what they do. If it's the right dog for you, you will never go back; we'll help you decide if it is.

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It's all about the Dogs!

and a little about you of course

We wanted a smart dog.

The longer we've lived with them the more we've come to realize what sets them apart is their character.

Irish Water Spaniels apply their intelligence for the good of the pack not just themselves.

Unique among dogs.

It's part of what drives us to put in the 80% of the effort to achieve the completing 20% of the results.

We wont bore you with the details, (yet ;-) ); however, keep in mind we don't just love our dogs we're in love with our dogs.

We'll do everything practicable to assure the same for you should you join our family!

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In whom are you interested?


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Stud Service

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We listen! Let us know how you're feeling and what you're thinking; we'll do our best to help.

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orland, ca 95963


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